Backyard Travels

Essential Items for a Local Getaway

Whether you're going 5 minutes or 5 metres away, these items are necessary in ensuring the success of your trip

Sunglasses Camera Art Shoes Bottle Swimwear Skincare Wallet

What to bring

art Supplies
water bottle

1. Sunglasses

sunglasses sunn

You might not be in Fiji or Greece, but your eyes still need protection as Australia’s strong sun will still reach your vacation spot. Use this eyewear for the perfect outdoor accessory and relaxation tool.

2. Camera


It could be a DSLR, film, digital or even your phone, there are plenty of ways to take photos. Use these devices to capture the world around you and any new discoveries you’ve made or new sights you’ve noticed.

3. Art Supplies

paint art supplies

Instead of just using a camera, why not illustrate your own interpretation of these sights with traditional mediums. Paint the plants next to your house. Draw the patterns in the sky. Sketch buildings and natural sights.

4. Appropriate Shoes

shoes appropriate shoes

Having a local adventure often encourages constant movement. Walking from place to place requires a strong reliance on good footwear. This will ensure a comfortable experience to and from your destination.

5. Water Bottle

bottle water bottle

Hydration is an essential daily requirement. Keep water or another hydrating beverage with you at all times as you relax in the summer heat, take a walk and go for a swim.

6. Swimwear

swimwear swimwear

How else will you feel like you’re on holiday? Grab yourselves 1, 2, 3+ pairs because you’ll need this when you’re dozing on your makeshift backyard beach (or real one if you’re lucky to live near the coast) and swimming in someone’s pool (or the ocean).

7. Summer Skincare

skincare skincare

Now, we have sunglasses for eye protection, but these items are needed for the rest of you. Don’t get carried away tanning without the use of these, as Australia’s UV is dangerously high at this time of year.

8. Wallet

wallet wallet

Whether you’re exploring, relaxing or just enjoying the moment, you still need to remember this. You might not need your passport, but you still need your ID and money at the very least to allow for an optimal experience.